Real decisions aren't simple. I solve complex problems through a combination of curiosity, creativity, and analytical decision-making.

  • Product strategy
  • Interaction design
  • Motion design
  • Prototyping

Uber Eats

, Senior Designer II

2020 to present

I design our menus experience, ranging from internal tools for restaurants to consumer ordering functionality.

Google Chrome

, Staff Designer

2013 to 2020

I started working on Chrome as new college grad, creating one of the world's most popular software products with about five other designers. Over my seven years there, the team grew to dozens - and I initiated and drove some of our most ambitious initiatives.

It's shameful that something so important is so intangible to describe, but Chris builds products. He *gets* what's important to systems and platforms, and then executes on them, and keeps executing on them until something takes hold in the org. He understands the value of planting seeds and seeing them come to fruition later.

– Glen Murphy, UX Director, Chrome & Android

Mobile tab groups

Even as computing has gone mobile, we often fall back to our desktop computers for complex tasks like buying a new pair of shoes or planning a trip. I led a redesign of Chrome's tabs experience to help you get these things done on the go. Featured on the Google blog.

Tab groups help you organize longer running, multiple page tasks

Once you group tabs, you can compare them in just a tap

Desktop tab groups

On desktop, people frequently have dozens of tabs across different tasks open. I led the design of tab groups to help you stay organized. Featured on the Google blog.

Mobile information architecture

One of Chrome's largest UX challenges is how to scale to a growing feature set while staying simple. I led efforts to redesign Chrome to make core functionality more discoverable - and also easier to reach on larger phones.

Our first attempt used the spatial metaphor of a peeking, expandable sheet - later popularized in other apps. This approach gained a loyal fanbase but ended up being too radical of a change for our mainstream users.

We took what we learned and revised, keeping the address bar in a familiar position while exposing additional functionality in a separate bottom bar.


AfriScout & PCI Global · August 2016

App design for mapping application empowering African pastoralists to find pasture.

Nepal Human Development Report & Kathmandu Living Labs · July 2015

Website design and development for data visualization built for the Nepal government. Presented at Interaction 16.


Carpenters Code · 2015 to 2017

Landing page design and development for Christian meditation app.

You and Me Forever

Crazy Love · 2014 to 2015

App design for book by bestselling Christian author Francis Chan. Proceeds benefit work against poverty-induced prostitution in Ethiopia.